Polish National Alliance 
Council 21 of Baltimore

Home to Lodges 238, 339, and 918, The Krakowiaki Dancers of Baltimore, the Polish Language Class,
the Henryk Sienkiewicz Polonia Library
and the Polish Cooking Classes.
Support for  Katyn Memorial, PLAV, and the Polish Heritage Association Book Club.

1627 Eastern Avenue     Baltimore, Maryland 21231      410-732-1100        e-mail:    new one coming  Facebook: PNACouncil21Baltimore

Please email for now Larry Janowski for article submissions to the webpage.

Latest News
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"Wiadomosci Zwiazkowe", can be sent to you in an e-mail version.  Kindly send us a request via l.janowski@verizon.net.  Thank you.

MARK YOUR CALEDAR! - Upcoming Events

NEW!  The 2nd Annual Smygus Dyngus Day will be held on April 2, 2018!  Yes, It IS the day after Easter and is considered one of many endearing traditions in Polish customs.  Events are still in the works, but plans are to be better than the original.

 NEW!  Good news - The Council 21 sponsored soccer team, Team Polska, resumed activity in January, and again in Canton, and, as always, are looking for a few good men.  Alas, they lost their first two games, both by a score of 1-0.  Recently, Team Polska had a single elimination tournament amongst team members and friends in the Lounge.  Each player created their own team using FIFA 18, the latest soccer simulation video game.  Eight players contended, but, in the finale Daniel Stanisławski defeated Grzegorz Warenda by a score of 4-1!   If you are interested in playing real soccer, contact Daniel Stanisławski.   Another tournament is in the works.  The pencil-date is February and probably a Saturday. Daniel is the contact for this event also. 

SEE PAGE 10 For important announcements and to find the latest newsletter!

The election of Council 21's officers was January 13, 2018 at 2 pm in the Lounge.  Scroll down to see the results.

  The Lounge has new Winter hours!  Scroll down and check them out.

*** The new semester (Winter/Spring 2018) schedule for the Cooking Class is here! ***
Gołąbki.  Pączki. 

UPDATE!  The Krakowiaki Dancers.  Check them out on Facebook: Krakowiaki Dance Group.  ATTENTION:  Due to a wedding in April, the Bingo and Country Luncheon has been scheduled for May 5, 2018. 

Can you talk the talk?  Check out the Polish Language Class right here at PNA! A new semester begins soon.

  PHA Book Club - "With Fire and Sword" - ongoing through the year.  PART Three for February 10, 2018!

UPDATE!  Polish movies and Polish-themed movies, in English, will be given private screenings for discussion in the Henryk Sienkiewicz Polonia Library on the third Saturday of each month.  Go to the Library page for contact info and dates.  With Fire and Sword will be shown in two parts.  January 20 at 2pm in the Library will be the venue for the first hour and a half.  The third Saturday in February will be when the ending can be seen, also in the Library at 2pm.

>>>>  2018's Annual Katyn Remembrance and Memorial will be held on the last Sunday in April.  May we always remember.

PLAV has their usual meeting date as the third Thursday of each month.

See page 10 for the Fall 2017 edition of the Council 21 newsletter.
Council members may and should submit articles for "Wiadomosci Związkowe". 
Deadlines for submission of articles for the next issue is FEBRUARY 12, 2018.  Please submit early!

Happy  St. Valentine's Day!

Officers of the Council

President - Maksymilian Bondyra
Vice President - Richard Poremski
Vice President - Melissa Kalinowski
Financial Secretary - June Johns
Treasurer - Barbara Damesyn
Recording Secretary - Małgorzata Bondyra
Sgt.-at-Arms - Thomas "Bud" Johns

Lodge 238

The officers of Lodge 238 are:

President - Maksymilian Bondyra
Vice President - John Klauza
Vice President - Krystyna Jasinski
Recording Secretary - Małgorzata Janowski
Treasurer - Richard Poremski
Financial Secretary - Małgorzata Bondyra
Sargeant at Arms - Stanislaw Dziwak
Doorman - Jan Mokros
Audit Committee - Nancy Mislak, Beth Jaremczuk

Lodge 339

The officers of Lodge 339:

President - June Johns
Vice President - Thomas Johns
Financial Secretary - Melissa Kalinowski
Secretary - Jill Simonaitis

Lodge 339 supports the Krakowiaki Dancers in all their endeavors, including the annual fundraiser "A Country Bingo", the Children's Christmas Party, the Philadelphia Parade, the Polish Festival, and the P. N. A summer camps.
Lodge 918

The officers of Lodge 918 are:

President - Barbara Damesyn
Vice President - Agnes May
Financial Secretary - Helen Caldarazzo

The Lounge

Located on the first floor of the Council owned building, the Lounge is the social center for all members and guests, where they can enjoy local sports on TV, listen to tunes or kick up their heels in a dance, or sit back and chit-chat.  Above all else, it's the place to hold Lodge and Council meetings.
Boasting two TVs the Lounge is now open on Sundays during the football season, and perhaps beyond, pending soccer broadcasts.
Hours of operation:
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 3pm until...
Sunday from Noon until...

Special days and dates are always negotiable.

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