The Polish Heritage Book Club

The Book Club has returned to the Library!

Our next reading is "Cyberiad" by Stanisław Lem for January 2019.

At an author reception, l-r:
Larry Janowski (staff), Dorothy Strohecker (moderator), Agnieszka Krajewski (staff), Mrs. Libby Sternberg (author), Gosia Janowski (staff), Vicki Leshinskie (president PHA), Adam Mazurek (Staff)
The Polish Heritage Association Book Club meets at The Henryk Sienkiewicz Polonia Library usually on the second Saturday of each month from 2 P.M. to 4 P.M.  Meeting dates and times may change depending on other Polish community activities, book club forays into author meet-and-greets, or kicking back to watch a Polish movie.  The moderator is Mrs Dorothy Strohecker, who does a marvelous job keeping the pace and discussion lively, and keeping the 'students' focused.

The book club has been in service many years as part of the PHA only recently moving to the HSPL shortly after its opening.  The participants of the club immediately chose 'Quo Vadis" as their next read in tribute to the author whose name regales the library.  A dedication to Pope John Paul II ensued, reading some of his poetry, and viewing a movie based on a story by Karol Wojtyla.  Also enjoyed by our readers was Prus' "Lalka"("The Doll"), and many short stories.  Mrs. Libby Sternberg and Mrs. Danuta Kosk-Kosicka, two local authors were kind enough to join us to talk about their books.  Mrs. Sternberg discussed aspects of "A Case Against My Brother", while Mrs. Kosicka told us about the compilation and translations of the poems by Lydia Kosk, the author's mother.  Suggestions for readings are always welcome.

COME JOIN US!  Everyone is welcome.

Contact:  Adam Mazurek 410-925-9684 or Larry 410-866-6419
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