The Polish Cooking Class

Sponsored by The Polish National Alliance Council 21

All classes are held in the kitchen of the Polish National Alliance Council 21 building.

The classes are held once a month, usually the first Saturday of the month, but may vary based on what is happening in the Polish community.  Various local cooks/chefs are invited to demonstrate their prowess at "babcia's favorite recipe" for your educational and dining pleasure.

Reservations are necessary and on a first-come-first-serve basis as class sizes are limited.  The cost is $30 per person per class.  Classes are conducted in the afternoon from 2 P.M. to 5 P.M. (except where noted).  There are no classes for the months of June, July, and August.

***  To obtain information about upcoming classes, payments, or gift certificates, OR to be put on the e-mailing list, contact Gosia Janowski at 410-866-6419.

Gosia, Agnieszka, Susan, and Lucia work hard deciding which foodstuffs and delicacies will make it to the latest schedule.  The ladies have decided at this point not to expand the classes, so get your reservations and checks in early.  Remember, first come, first served, so get your name on Gosia's email list.  New season/semester schedules will be sent to those students on the list first, then posted here. 

Can you say 'Smacznego!' ?
Pierogi aboil in a June 6, 2015 class.

Winter/Spring 2017
January 7   Flaczki i Slodkie rogaliki krucho-drozdzowe/ Tripe soup Polonaise and Sweet yeast crescent pastry

February 4  Pierogi ruskie/ Pierogi with potato and farmer's cheese filling, and sauerkraut and mushroom filling

March 4  Krokiety z rybnym i grzybowym nadzieniem/ Crepe croquettes with white fish and mushroom filling

April 1  Sernik/ Polish style cheesecake

May 6  Chłodnik and Tort orzechowy/ Chilled red beet soup and Walnut tort

A well-received semester of culinary delights, but now...

2017 Fall Classes

September 9 -   Dżem brzoskwiniowy i Ciasteczka masłane/ Peach jam and Butter cookies with jam

October 7 -   Chleb żytni i Żurek/ Rye bread and Ryemeal soup  *

November 4 -   Gęs pieczona z jabłkami, duszona czerwona kapusta i młode ziemniaki z ziołami/  Roasted goose with apples, stewed red cabbage and roasted fingerling potatoes with herbs  *

December 2 -   Pierniczki Toruńskie/  Gingerbread cookies Toruń style - this is a class where children may participate ($5) accompanied by a paying adult  *

*  The end time may be prolonged


Getting instructions from Mr. Stanley Tomaszewski, our Kielbasa Class presenter at the November 2013 session.

Adding the main ingredient for czarnina. (September 2015)

The making of makowiec in 2015.

Your hostesses would like to thank you for your interest in the classes.  Welcome new students and welcome back to all who have participated before!

Your hostesses are Gosia Janowski and Agnieszka Krajewski and Susan Miller and Lucia DiRado.

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